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    Post  Nazgrel on Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:27 am

    Hello Pandas, I'm Jeff, known in Tibia as Nazgrel Bloodstorm, a mighty royal paladin, I am 194 right now, started playing again two days ago, got two levels so far! (Kiss for the voucher).
    Well, I'll write this as an essay, just to bore you all, but I'll try to follow the template you give us to follow for applications.
    I started playing Tibia, in 2006, when my stepbrothers showed it to me, I started playing in Kyra, but PVP wasn't for me, I met there a bosnian man, who is like a brother to me, he left Kyra and joined Refugia, and I followed him, loyalty first! unfortunately, this bosnian man has left Tibia, life in Bosnia is not any easy.

    You ask me about my chars? Well, I mainly play my Paladin, but I've got a Knight I play when I've got little time or feel bored, also a Sorcerer I use when someone is up to give me a hand and block me some stuff.

    About Guilds? Well, I am a very proud ex-vice leader of Insane, which I loved with all my heart, been member for like 3 years, little bit more, I left Insane this summer because I wasn't any active, and also, well... it wasn't the Insane I applied once, it was something else, with the same name, despite that, all was good, but I preferred leaving and being remembered as a good vice leader.

    About me, well, I am 18 years old, long haired and awesomly awesome, I cannot live without heavy metal, which guides the way I dress daily! I could also say I'm nice, but that's vanity, and well, you will be able to judge by yourselves, actually, all I could say about me here, just... just feel free to ask me and you tell me about myself, would you? albino But I can tell you that I am from Spain, I am somehow a grammar nazi (mostly on spanish) my hobbies are guns, music and writing (poems, texts and songs) I am bassist/singer but my band had to split up, I'm a rare case of a Metalhead, since I never smoked and I never got drunk (also dislike beer, BLASPHEMY!). Nicknames? You can call me Jeff, Naz, Naz(i) or Atila. That's your choice.

    Criminal Record, yea well, I had it because some polish guys stalked me around Thais, two years ago, I was trying to Role-play with a friend and he was killing my mood, so well, cipsoft decided "F*** you" wasn't a nice thing to say, I will add I replied to cipsoft about their notation given to me, saying "I meant FORK you, it's your who decided it was FUCK", Didn't work though, but the criminal record got deleted long time ago.

    About the activity, well, I'm on exams soon, I will play very little, I guess, but I have no problem checking the forum daily, after all, I was in charge of recruitment, complains and other stuff back then in Insane.

    About Problems with other members... huh, first of all, I rarely have problems with anyone, I'm always up to dialogue, it would depend on the other person or people, all I could say is that I wouldn't go nuts on anyone, unless it's something really fucked up, I would try to fix it, using logic and reason, but again, it doesn't depend just on me bounce .

    I want to join Pandas because I've been a lot of time in Insane, I've grown, I've recieved a lot of experience, learnt about people and decided it is time to a facewash, and who's better than Zim and Emily? They've been under my command once, now it's time for them to command me, they were loyal to me, I fought for them when the problems appeared in Insane with them, and I was as loyal as they deserved from me, to sum up, I want to play again Tibia, with people I trust, in a guild I've seen from the start, even if not always as friends in-guilds!
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    Post  Emily Sofie on Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:00 am

    Loved to read your app Naz <3 And hope you will like to play along with us in tibia again like in past times Smile

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