Rakkiir applying to pandassssss!

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    Rakkiir applying to pandassssss! Empty Rakkiir applying to pandassssss!

    Post  RakkkiR on Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:43 am

    Hiho Pandas!

    1. Character name, Level and Vocation

    Rakkiir, 152 lvl ED

    2. When did you started to play tibia (How did you got to play tibia)

    when i started let me think... its around 2004 but its was reallly naaabish playing and i got hacked twice and lost acc. in 2007 i created that acc. how i start? like many playing friend of my friend start play and they show me that 2d game...

    3. Have you played on other Servers? If yes why did you leave them?

    Okey servers...:
    I started on elysia but i get hacked etc and change to askara, im left from there bcs we lose war after many years ruling server. reason why we lose? simple cipsoft changed pvp rule and polacks have to many noobchars and a**lickers.. after that i goes played in premia with friend. when they left i go play WoW 5 months ago i back to play and here iam

    4. Have you played any other Vocation than your current one or even have other chars you still play active?

    yes ofc all of vocation but atm im only playing on druid Smile

    5. In how many guilds have you been before and how come you left them?

    only one: i dont remebers name that guild. that guild already no exist i dont know what happend cuz i was in hospitall

    6. Now tell us about yourself as a person. Where are you from? Whats your age? Whats your name and is there any Nickname you like to be called? And ofc we would also like to know if your a girl or a boy.
    (Optional: Maybe you want to tell us about your hobbies and find"soulmates" that got the same hobbies)

    Okey hmmm about me? so i should call my wife :PI'm living in beautifull countery with
    many "strange" people and its call Poland... im 23 already merrind. im Oskar but all my friend calling me RaQ. i working in mine and hobbies? i like good mmo hihi atm i can't do any sport its depends of my left leg.

    7. What about your criminal record. Have you ever been notated or even banned on any of your accounts?
    (Dont worry if you have been notated or banned before be honest and tell us about it!)

    nope and never i was Smile

    8. Our guild ranks are based on activity in game such as forum activity. Do you consider yourself as a forum user? Do you think you will use the forum on daily base or will you be rather lazy with that?

    yes im trying be in forum one time per day but im here new so i dont write many posts... sorry  Razz

    9. Imagine you have a problem with a member/ or the guild itself after you joined. How would you deal with that? Are you a person that talks about this problems with leader/vices or would you just leave?

    alll problem have basis somewhere and i would look in to them ;p and try talk? nah! kill that person!

    10. Last thing why do you want to join Pandas? What are your expections?
    i would like tell lier if i said nothing... whast i expect just game mates and do something like servise....

    PSSS. sorry for my english i dont used it for some year -.- yes Emily im lazyyyyyyyy

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