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    Application Ghostic

    Post  Caraffa on Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:35 am

    My name is Kalle and I am Ghostic in tibia. Ghostic is an elder druid, level 181.
    I've played on many different servers, it started on Saphira, then Galana, then Celesta, then Refugia, Xerena, Elysia and Nebula. I've never reached high level on any of these servers, but I always end up playing on Refugia because of friends and because Refugia feels like home. The reason to why I always switch server back and forth is because of my friends. My brother and I started playing tibia back since 7.4, it started out with open tibia, playing on private servers just to learn the basics. Then i started to go between OT (open tibia) and RL ( real tibia ). And so it went on, I've been playing constantly since that. How I got started in all of this? I saw my older friend play tibia, and as a smaller kid I saw him as my idol.

    I've mostly played Elder Druid through out my carrier. I've tried it all, but I found ED as the most fun vocation to play with my friends etc.
    Recently I've been quite unactive because of lack of time. But I have found my way back again.

    I've been in guilds only assembled by close friends. Why I've left them is because they disbanned and now because I'm looking for something more serious. I'm also interested in making new friends, I've heard so much about you guys and it sounds like alot of fun. Like a family.

    Now a little about myself in person;
    My name is Karl Caraffa, I'm seventeen years old. I'm from sweden and is still at  the moment in high school. Second year, reading the technology program. I have immersed in programming if It would mean anything to you guys.
    Emil, Hysterisk is a very close friend of mine. We've known each other since we we're six years old. We've been playing tibia together as long as I've been playing tibia.
    Well I don't know if I have an actual hobbie. I've got a girlfriend who I spend alot of time with, otherwise I'd say that my school is the only thing that keeps me from playing.

    I haven't got a criminal record, I am not sure but maybe warning for offensive language. I'm not proud of it, but it may exist.

    It would be the first time I've been in a community that I'm needed to write in a forum. I would actually find it very fun, as I said. I would try to be active as much as needed and possible.

    If a problem would appear, then I would like to talk it out. There is no other way out right? If you can't communicate how can you solve a problem?
    I've learned it from real life experience.

    I've maybe mentioned it earlier, I'm interested in getting to know other people, to be more active in tibia, to learn more, to become better.
    As from what I've heared I think, if I now may join, I'll get what I expect. Friendship, experience, to grow.

    Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my application.

    Yours, Kalle.
    Emily Sofie
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    Re: Application Ghostic

    Post  Emily Sofie on Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:49 am

    Really nice Application Razz
    Your lucky that you can get in without a week of waiting for the voting phase still bcz at the new year we will start to vote again!
    So hope you will be glad you can join asap and hang around with emil and the other pandas ofc ^.^

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    Re: Application Ghostic

    Post  Caraffa on Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:53 am

    I'm really glad to hear that! I really appreciate it! Very Happy

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    Re: Application Ghostic

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