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    Post  Neexius on Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:20 am

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Lukas, 21 years old. I'm from poland. My char is Neexius, 273 Royal Paladin. I play tibia from 2007 and i play on many servers (Danubia, Guardia, Harmonia, Hiberna,
    Nerana, Olympa, Titania, Valoria), but now i'll try on this server. Why i change server many times? To be honest i never think about that, i like sometimes something new :PI play on all vocations, but for me best are Knight or Paladin. I dont like play on druid/sorcerer cause they have not enough hp xD. I was on few good guilds. Why i'm leave? It's depend of what server, if we talk about Open PvP server then sometimes other guild win war on server and our guild cease to exist but on optional pvp reason of my leave was change server or something not important :PMy account have clean criminal record. I'm active player and i dont see any problem to check and be active on forum. I'm really quiet well if i have any problem i'll solve it :PI want join to your guild because i was on Emily's guild when she was on Olympa and i think he have there also good guild and i'll try. What are my expectations? Good community, some team hunts and hmm.. that's all.

    PS. Sorry for my english, maybe isn't perfect or very good, but i hope you understand what i'll write to you Very Happy

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