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    Daopvint's application! Empty Daopvint's application!

    Post  Daopvint on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:05 pm

    Ahoy Pirates!

    I just recently found my way back to the beautiful game that is tibia after a yearlong break and Im now looking for some new buddies to enjoy the game with!

    My ingame name is Daopvint, I am a level 157 Royal Paladin. My real name is David and im 23 years old, living in Stockholm, Sweden. I consider myself a pretty active person playing alot of golf and soccer during the summertimes, and squash/badminton during the more chilly months of the year (arr, winter is coming!).
    I am a gamer by heart, and have been going through alot of diffrent gamingphasing during my years, but somehow finding myself back in Tibia ever so often. I first started playing about 9 years ago(I did try the game a few years earlier but didnt really make it out of rook so i don't consider that 'playing'). My first character was a Druid on the server Eternia, I spent most of my time back then making runes and chatting and didnt really level that much. My paladin was created much later and on the server Valoria, I transfered here about 2 years ago(I think, really putting my thinkingcap on here Rolling Eyes). At that time i was about level 100ish and was getting sick and tired of people powerabusing me away from every spawn. So me and a few friends transfered here and life was good!

    I have mostly been in small guilds with close friends when playing Tibia, so I never really left or got booted from a guild, most of the time the guild would be disbanded due to people being inactive and/or stopped playing tibia. Although I have been active in guilds and communities when playing other games (WoW, Runescape, CS). I consider myself a very friendly player and respect other players who also respect me. If I were to find myself having a problem with another player, I have no doubt we would be able to hush that out without a problem, I am a bit stubborn in some cases but also very reasonable. I have never been banned or notated, in any game i played Smile. I do alot of forumreading and love helping others out, both with ingame issues and more general stuff!

    Last but not least, I am looking forward to being able to make new friends and finding huntingbuddies, doing quests, services and more! I would like to thank Emily Sofie for pointing my nose in this direction! Hopefully I will catch up with more of you in a soon future cheers 

    Best reguards, David
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    Post  Zion of Danger on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:21 pm

    Greetings Daopvint

    Welcome to our forum and thank you for applying.
    Your application voting has been created and should take 5-7 days. Please look on here now and then for possible questions. Smile
    Emily Sofie
    Emily Sofie
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    Post  Emily Sofie on Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:11 pm

    Hay Dao I think you been waiting long enough now and your voting couldnt be more clear Smile

    Id like to welcome you to pirate pandas and hope you will do good during your trial rank so you will get a full panda after that Smile
    Ofc remember to read the guild rules and stick to them Very Happy
    Guild ranks later on are based on activity on forum and in game so if you wna rush up you gotta be active!

    Enjoy your stay and poke if you got any problems or questions^^

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